„ForestSport'' 2017

„ForestSport' 2017“ takes place in Vestiena, Latvia!

„ForestSport' 2017“ takes place in Vestiena, Latvia!

Everybody is warmly welcome to Vestiena, Latvia, to take part in annual competition

„ForestSport' 2017“ (18-20 of August)

International foresters' open cup competition and annual meeting will take place on the 18-20th of

August in Druviena, Latvia:,+Vestienas+pagasts,+LV-4855,+Latvija/@56.5842076,25.4563704,7.5z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x46e999617dd002d1:0x8e8b802a5591405c!8m2!3d56.8669659!4d25.8745869

It is expected that this year‘s event will attract more than 30 participant teams from Poland, Czech

Republic, Finland, Germany, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania (as ususal, the team is formed of five persons).


So, get prepared and plan your time... We are looking forward to meet you all!

 Host of the Event: LATTRACK SIA (Latvia)

Contact person: Andris Blakis  +371 22 036 151

Coordinators in Poland:

Dariusz Graszka , Tel.: +48 663 53366, e-mail:

Michał Mazurkiewicz, Tel.: +48 607 949673, e-mail:

Coordinators in the Baltic States:


 Andris Blakis  +371 22 036 151


Ivo Suuk, Tel.: +372 51 70544, e-mail:

Ragnar Tiiter Tel.: +372 55 60 43 46, e-mail:

 The general coordinator of the „ForestSport' 2016“ event - a club of forest friends „Miškas

visiems“ (“Forest for All”), Lithuania

Registration of the participant teams at or

Telephone nos. for general info:

+370 670 24481 (Antanas G., Lithuania)

+370 684 51140 (Antanas L., Lithuania)

+370 620 66961 (Vaidas, Lithuania)

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